Friday, June 13, 2008

Skewed not sewed!

I've come to the conclusion that I really do suffer from skewed thinking. It comes in handy, but it holds me up and serves to distract me when it comes to finishing a project.

Skewed thinking means I can justify anything if I put my mind to it.

However, Friday's skewed thinking kind of really took the cake...............

I was in the throes of basting the flannel quilt to the wadding, I thought to myself " I need pins", in fact what I really thought was "This is taking way longer than I thought it would, I'm starting to get bored, I need to implement an avoidance technique - I need pins".

So after very very carefully removing all the papers from the quilt, I decided to reward myself with a trip to the local patchwork shop to buy pins (skewed thinking alert number one - I have a bloody cupboard full of pins. To use a "house that Jack built" analogy, I have so many pins, I could feed a dairy farm the size of China with all the haystacks I would need to hide aforementioned pins in). In any case, I decided pins were needed. In fact these pins.

I have to confess to never having used quilters safety pins and I wish I'd known about these before now.

So there I was at the counter, waiting for the women to finish serving the other customers. I had the pins in my hand, determined not to look at anything else. At this point, the dialogue in my head (between 'Sensible Thinker Me' and 'Skewed Thinker Me') went something like this.

Sensible Me: "OK that's it! You don't need anything else, don't look at any fabric."
Skewed Me: "But the women behind the counter are going to be AGES you might as well have a look around the fabric section"
Sensible me: "No, you have enough, you know you'll just buy something you don't need"
Skewed Me: "You mean something you don't need YET, what if you don't look and you miss out on something you might need further down the track (I told you I was really skewed) - besides it's just plain lazy to be standing here when you could be burning random calories by walking around the shop"
Sensible Me: "Are you listening to me? You don't need anything"
Skewed Me: "Back in a tick - I'm just going to look over there"
Sensible Me: " nooooooooooooooooo"
And that's how I came home with this!

This olive green and grey range caught my eye a few months ago and has really niggled at me since. I love it. It's pretty without being too feminine and I think it will look fantastic with my pins!

Very little progress on the flannel quilt. The back and front are both patchworked so I'm taking my time with the placement on the wadding to make sure they are aligned properly. I have to say the new quilting pins have been a godsend. I have never used them before as I've always hand basted the layers together..........

See I really DID NEED those pins!


quiltdude said...

Ha, ha, you know I think we all have a little bit of that demon inside us. It is always happening to me, I go to the yarn shop for something small and before you know it I've come away with a new pattern and the yarn to match, plus the item I went in for. Must be a crafters thing!!
Have fun with that gorgeous new fabric.

frazzy dazzles said...

Oh Jen....those are some noice colours in those fabrics! I agree with Skewed definitely needed them! Jen

Tozz said...

I really like the colours in those fabrics you just couldnt resist. No wonder you could resist them :) I look forward to seeing what you make with them.
Happy sewing for sure.