Wednesday, May 28, 2008


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lots of lovely buddons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have a thing for buttons. A little trip to one of my oft frequented bargain caves yeilded me these lovelies. I don't know what I'm going to do with them - but when I saw them hanging in 3 plastic dusty bags on the bottom shelf looking very folorn, I decided that I NEEDED them.

So home they came with me. I then sat shuffling them around trying to work out how I could colour code them and still be able to touch them and look at them without them ending up all over the floor or down the back of the couch. So I threaded them up like this. Maybe that is ALL I need to do with them.

I will also say hand on heart, that I know my photography skills are not up to scratch - but you get the drift.


quiltdude said...

What is it about buttons that makes them soooooo scrummy?
Nice find.

Ziakoko said...

Hi Jen, thanks for your comment in my blog I need to send you some of the rose tone on tone fabric, how much do you need for your quilt-please send me your address too... And I know how you feel about buttons I once spent £35 on a button stall in convent garden- Just dont tell my husband!

frazzy dazzles said...

mmmmmmm buddons! I don't think that you used enough exclamation marks! These are lovely! Jen