Thursday, May 29, 2008

Idea for Buddons!

I had some comments to moderate this morning and there was one from Aussie_Cat50. "one little thought about all those lovely buttons -- how about doing one of your UFO quilt tops with suitable coloured buttons for fun instead of quilting -- even a combo of tying and buttons -- Do have fun with them - love The CAT ".

I thought I had published it but it isn't showing up! Luckily it was still in my email.

Anyways! I'm like that idea ALOT. So thanks Cat.


frazzy dazzles said...

Using you lovely buddons AND clearing up some of your unfinished projects. Jen! It doesn't get any better than that...maybe you might have a bit of stitching to do this weekend as well as entertaining! Jen

quiltdude said...

That's a great idea. make sure you post a picture of the finished item :)
Clare X